Nobu Hotel London Portman Square is famous for its central location, unparalleled luxury and impeccable service. In our efforts to create the best guest experience we have assembled a world-class team, and today we wanted to feature Mario Narciso, the Concierge Supervisor at Nobu Hotel London Portman Square.

Mario was recently been awarded a Golden Key as part of the exclusive Les Clefs d’Or Great Britain (The Society of the Golden Keys Great Britain). With an immense passion for guest satisfaction, a deep knowledge of the best London has to offer and an unwavering work ethic, he has been creating the most welcoming and hospitable environment for our guests for two years.

How do you feel after receiving The Golden Key?

 “I have experienced a newfound feeling of gratification towards receiving the Golden Key, as it is a physical token of the immense effort and passion I dedicate to my career. I am tremendously honoured to represent Nobu Portman Square as the first concierge member to join the Golden Keys. With these keys, I intend to expand my network both locally and globally, enabling me to assist my guests internationally. Being part of a global organisation like the Golden Keys unlocks the door to a world of support and collaboration with one another, which is the beauty of the hospitality industry.”

The Golden Key signifies excellence and exceptional achievement. What do you believe were the key factors that contributed to your success?

“Firstly, I believe that my perseverance to gain knowledge of the information that the guests need contributed to this. Secondly, throughout my twenty years experience as a Concierge – where I have worked in Singapore, Dubai and now London, I have attended many seminars and conferences to further my knowledge. Furthermore, Les Clefs d’Or Great Britain conducted a rigorous interview process before awarding me with a Golden Key.”

Building relationships with guests is a key aspect of your role. How do you personalise recommendations and suggestions to cater to individual preferences?

“As a concierge, you are like a mind reader – you need to understand what the guest wants and when they want it. It is important that I experience for myself the variety of places I will be recommending. As well as making unique connections at these places, I will then be able to distinguish what truly offers the highest quality. I ensure that our guests receive an authentic experience that is matched with excellence.”

Are there any special services or arrangements that your concierge team offers that stand out from the rest?

“We offer services that are totally personalised to the guest. I do my best to personalise with a passion and our concierge service comes from the heart. It is important to be natural with our guests, I treat them as family – this is their home away from home.”

Connecting guests with authentic local experiences and attractions is often a goal of a concierge. How do you help guests immerse themselves with this?

“The Nobu Hotel London Portman Square is located in the heart of Marylebone. Our surrounding area is buzzing with independent boutiques, cafes and local farmers markets. Many of the eateries nearby use locally produced organic ingredients. They each have their own style and I ensure to recommend places that suit exactly what the guest is looking for.”

Collaboration with other hotel departments is essential for seamless guest experiences. How do you work together with other teams to ensure guest satisfaction?

“I treat the other departments as part of my own team. The same way I am dedicated to our guests, I ensure I offer my help to the other departments without hesitation. Specifically, I have a very good relationship with the restaurant team, whereby we do all we can to put the needs of our guests at the focus.”

What do you enjoy most about being a concierge at Nobu Hotel London Portman Square, and what motivates you to provide outstanding service every day?

“I love that every day is different. I enjoy the challenge of receiving a variety of requests each day. Furthermore, just as I do my best to share my knowledge with the guests, I also enjoy learning from them. Nobu as a brand has a global reputation so it is a nice to be a part of something so big which inspires me and the team to deliver the service we are known for around the world.”

Winning such a prestigious award can open doors to new opportunities. Are there any specific goals or aspirations you’re looking forward to pursuing as a result?

“My next goal is to continue building a strong concierge team at Nobu Hotel London Portman Square. I would love to be the head of this team, striving to fulfil guests’ needs to the highest quality.”

Why do you love working in the hospitality industry?

“Personally, I believe that making my guests feel at home is equally as important as providing a five-star experience. I ensure to cater to their needs, and I strive to create a relaxing, hospitable environment for every guest that walks through the door. As soon as a guest arrives at the hotel, I will welcome them with a warm smile, and introduce myself. If they require any additional assistance, I assure that I, and all staff at Nobu are always happy to help.”