To launch our series of empowering women at Nobu Hotel London Portman Square we meet with Nobu Bar Manager, Sophie Bratt, were you get the chance to get to know her a little bit better!

Please introduce yourself to those who don’t know you including your name and role at Nobu Hotel London Portman Square?

I’m Sophie – hug giver, drink server and most importantly Bar manager at Nobu Bar.

How long have you worked with Nobu Bar? 

I have been working with Nobu a year and a half, although it feels like I have part of the family forever which is an amazing feeling. 

How did you get into Bartending? 

I started bartending whilst I was at university in Leeds to help fund my shoe and handbag addiction. I was seriously the worst bartender back then, all I wanted to do was dance on the bar top and drink shots of Jägermeister.

What are you most proud of? 

This changes daily: a lot of the time it’s my team, they are the ones that make it all possible. But when my niece told me she loves when I quote ‘Bolli darling’ I almost exploded with pride (she’s four by the way). Some days I am just proud of making it through the day.

Do you think there is a bias within the bar industry for women?

Not just in hospitality, the gender bias in UK employment is still very much geared towards the male gender. The industry is definitely improving on this, but we all have a way to go yet. Here at Nobu it is great to see many strong females in senior roles.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at Nobu?

I love exploring London when the weather permits finding hidden green spaces to read my book. Running – I’m still not sure I enjoy it but I do it a lot, it challenges me and I particularly enjoy the glass of Blanc de Blanc post run – my favourite would be Porte Noire. On some days you can probably hear me before seeing me when I’m out with my friends – we always find a way to cause mischief and laugh!! They are my everything.

What’s your favourite cocktail at Nobu Bar?

It’s difficult to say – I shouldn’t really have a favourite child they are all amazing. At the moment I am loving Shadow on the Wall – a split base of mezcal and tequila margarita twist.

Is there another female who inspires you?

Most people inspire me! I have a really close group of female friends – they are all such strong women independently but together we are even stronger; they inspire me to accept help.

My niece is an inspiration – the way a four-year-old can find excitement and joy in the usual and mundane is amazing. Everybody should remember to see this joy.

What is trending in the industry right now? What’s the exciting new thing?

We seem to have taken a giant leap towards restoring service and classic cocktail again.

OLD is the new NEW